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Test footage — Syrp Magic Carpet Pro slider

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simple rules for better social media videos

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Video on social is a different beast, and the video you had produced for your homepage, might not work on Instagram or Facebook. Here’s a few simple but powerful tips to help you create better social vids!    

It has to make sense without sound

This is a massive one that so many brands still get wrong. The stats don’t lie, the majority of mobile video plays on Instagram and Facebook are without sound! Some basic steps to improve your no-sound videos are to include subtitles where necessary, hit key points with larger titles, and change your pacing so that it still flows without a backing track.    

For mobile, go square or vertical

Yes, Game of Thrones would look terrible as a square, and traditional 16×9 videos look amazing on a TV or Desktop, but when you squeeze everything down into a mobile screen you want to maximise your real-estate. The only way to go bigger on mobile is to go vertical. It may take some extra editing and planning, but it results in a much bigger impact for the viewer.    

Get to the good stuff

Next time you’re on the train or sitting at a cafe, watch how quick people blast through their Instagram feed. It’s nuts! That’s why your social videos need to show value or grab attention in the first couple seconds. If your video starts with a credit sequence or a long series of establishing shots, you’re toast!    

Spend some money on Ads

If you’ve invested in video for your brand, then you probably want to get something out of it! Facebook’s ad platform (which also includes Instagram advertising) is now super easy to use and gives you the opportunity to reach huge but targeted audiences without a massive ad budget.

Getting weird with Matcha Mylkbar to hit 1.6 Million views on Instagram

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Oh my gosh. Pull out the recliner, dim down the lights and mute the TV, this @tommydevy video feat one of our co founders @markfilippelli will have you either gobsmacked or gobsmacked! Would you do it? 😳😍💚

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“Why the f##k would you do this to a burger?”
– Instagram user   Our little vid with Matcha Mylkbar went totally nuts! Here’s a few reasons why it went “Viral” (cringe-worthy term, but true). It’s different, a little weird, it was something worth showing your mates, and came from a brand with a strong, engaged audience.

Our new home in Surry Hills

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  We’re super excited to finally be setup in our new office at Spaces Surry Hills! Highlights so far include eating too much Mac’n’Cheese at The Forresters and drinking too many beers at The Dolphin Hotel.